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  Date:    28.07.2008  
  Game:    Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare  
  Opponent:    The ATZPAC Clan  
  Tag:    ATZPAC  
  League:    Clanbase  
  Mod, Gamesize:    Sabotage, 5vs5  
snb.AcidJunkie       ATZPAC.DukeNukem    
snb.Buzz       ATZPAC.Josii    
snb.GO!Lun4cy'       ATZPAC.Siggsy    
snb.LD Ray       ATZPAC.VCfreaky    
snb.Skymax       ATZPAC.BigTinks    
Bog   2   1
Backlot   0   3
  Saigon Nem Bringservice lose against The ATZPAC Clan with 2:4.
The ATZPAC match report says: ONE BIG BRILLIANT WAR ON BOG THIS WAS, longest map ever, countless defuses and more sudden deaths then on whole Euro2008 together. After tonight we have 10 people staring at the roof in their bed, still shaking from what happened here... Indeed, it was a great fight and a very hard match. This is, why its called "esports". The 3rd round on Bog ended only with a draw, four of us were not able to kill the last opponent. On Backlot we were running a little out of puff. Well played guys! Good Game All & Thx@ATZPAC

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