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  Date:    20.12.2004  
  Game:    Delta Force: Black Hawk Down  
  Opponent:    Rainbow Team  
  Tag:    RnBw  
  League:    Frontline Project  
  Mod, Gamesize:    Capture the Flag, 6vs6  
snb.AcidJunkie   snb.Phillipo        
snb.LD Ray            
snb.Master C            
The Barrens A   0   2
The Barrens B   0   2
Snake Eyes A   2   0
Snake Eyes B   2   0
Tug O' War A   2   0
  Saigon Nem Bringservice wins versus Rainbow Team with 6:4.
Schönes Spiel :) GJ team und thx an RnBw fürs game.

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