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  Date:    11.05.2008  
  Game:    Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare  
  Opponent:    team subRosa  
  Tag:    sR  
  League:    Clanbase  
  Mod, Gamesize:    Sabotage, 5vs5  
snb.AcidJunkie       sR|LooTer    
snb.Buzz       sR|E5R    
snb.Hayabusa       sR|Kriztjan    
snb.LD Ray       sR|Skorpan    
Bog   0   4
Crash   2   2
  Saigon Nem Bringservice lose against team subRosa with 0:1.
Mussten leider in Unterzahl antreten. Haben uns dabei aber ganz gut geschlagen. Hier der Matchreport von sR: Thanks to snb for putting up a good show instead of giving us a boring w/o win. And a good game it was... snb came on strong @ Bog and held us off in a big way. We planted, they defused time and time again. In the end, our 5th was better to have than the better aim that snb had. Manpower is a big factor as we all know, and lacking one guy snb had to resign and give us a 4-0 win on the map. On Crash things got different. Their defense was tighter, our offense was.. spread out and weak, killing each other more often than snb. They took advantage of our sloppy play and took 2 points on the map. Well played by snb, thanks again for putting up a good fight with only 4 players (wish more clans could do that for us). good fight & good night!

Dem bleibt nichts hinzuzufügen, außer gga & cya@rematch :)

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