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  Date:    09.04.2008  
  Game:    Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare  
  Opponent:    Oewe Main Team  
  Tag:    Oewe  
  League:    ESL  
  Mod, Gamesize:    Sabotage, 3vs3  
snb.AcidJunkie       oewe#A.D.I.O.Z.    
snb.Buzz       Team-Oewe.Madl    
snb.LD Ray       Team-Oewe|Mave    
Crossfire   0   4
Bog   0   4
  Saigon Nem Bringservice lose against Oewe Main Team with 0:2.
In unserem ersten ESL-Match haben wir uns eine blutige Nase geholt.

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